Friday, February 18, 2011


  • The space between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the pelvis (at the ASIS) is about two, maybe three fingers in size. Skeleton models have a much larger gap because there's a metal rod in their back. I'd like to see what they'd look like as a real person.
  • The back of the skull lines up with the very back of the rib cage.
  • A lot of the drawings in Richer's Artistic Anatomy were drawn from a black model but they replaced his head with a white guy with a mustache. That mustache always cracked me up and I'm a little upset it was all a lie. Damn 19th century prejudice ruining my fun.
  • Other mammals' spines connect through the back of the skull. That obviously doesn't work with people since we stand, and that's why the spine connects from the bottom.
  • Hold your arm out and you can see that the upper arm can be divided into thirds: 1/3 from the elbow to the triceps, 2/3 the triceps, 3/3 the shoulder. Neat.
  • The scapula is about 1 head's width and to make things even better there's about 1 head's width between the two scapulas.

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